GEVI designs wind turbines controlled by A.I.

Our turbines can adapt to various sites and wind conditions, to maximise the production of clean energy.

Our Mission

Is to contribute to the acceleration towards a de-carbonized future. 

GEVI promotes a new paradigm of distributed energy production systems as a ready solution to the intermittency of renewable resources.

What we do

GEVI is an Italian start-up developing intelligent wind turbines, using flexible hardware and an A.I. software self-specializing in multiple places and wind conditions.  

GEVI received, in June 2022, a Pre-seed investment with ZERO, the Italian Cleantech Accelerator by CDP in partnership with Eni, LVenture, elis, Vodafone, Acea, Microsoft, and Maire Tecnimont. In February 2022 GEVI won the first prize at the Human Knowledge Lab by Eni Joule and participated in a 4-month acceleration program by PoliHub, Politecnico di Milano. 

GEVI’s turbines have an active pitch control system, to adapt itself and extract all the available power with light winds, while maximizing structural life with strong winds. 

Our goal is to provide high energy density wind turbines to ease both installation and reduce maintenance costs, while producing twice more energy per year compared with an average fixed-blade vertical axis wind turbine. 

Meet The Team

We are three young and passionate engineers with a clear goal in mind: give our contribution to accelerating progress toward a sustainable future.

Emanuele Luzzati


MSc in Aerospace Engineering

Edoardo Simonelli


MSc in Robotics & Automation Engineering

Soufiane Essakhi


MSc in Aerospace Engineering

Eleonora Cacchio

Head of Communication

MSc in Marketing & Market Research

Our vision

GEVI’s future vision is to build islands of multiple wind turbines on floating platforms off the shore. This would be a revolutionary solution, laying the (floating) foundations for a 100% renewable future.

Trusted by

Eni Joule Energizer PoliHub ZERO

The inception of the idea

Three aerospace engineers from the University of Pisa joined the forces and their shared passion for renewable energy, bringing into reality a brilliant idea!

Prototype build-up

After extensive research and design, the team succeeded in building and testing the first prototype of a 30 W pitch-controlled vertical wind turbine.

First prize at the Human Knowledge Lab

GEVI idea wins the first prize at Eni joule’s Human Knowledge Lab.

Eni Energizer Accelerator, PoliHub

GEVI starts developing the business concept in the acceleration programs promoted by Eni Energizer and PoliHub.

Zero Pre-seed

GEVI is selected for Zero, the Italian Cleantech Accelerator by CDP in partnership with Eni, Vodafone, LVenture, Elis, Acea, Microsoft, and Maire Tecnimont.



GEVI enables companies to reduce energy costs and increase the share of clean energy used while lowering emissions.


Piazza Nilde Iotti, 13, 56025, Pontedera (PI)
VAT: 02450340506

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